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Numerous legislators, on the local, regional, state and Federal level have expressed support for the funding of the St Johns Heritage Parkway and the Interchange at I-95. Visit this page often to see updates of Legislative action, letters of support, funding activity and other relavant news from Governmental Organizations, Community Leaders, Non-Profits and Political Candidates
regarding the infrastructure serving the Emerald Lakes project.

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Governmental Organizations
  Palm Bay Logo
City of Palm Bay Letter, May 11, 2010.pdf
City of Palm Bay Request Letter FY 2011.pdf
City of Palm Bay Legislative Memorandum. Jan. 10, 2010
  US Dept. Transportation Logo
Department of Transportation [Congressionally Directed Spending Items] 2010, HR3288
  Fla House Logo
Brevard Legislative Delegation Letter, March 10, 2010.pdf
  Brevard County Seal
Sheriff Parker memo on parkway public safety, Nov. 2009.pdf
Brevard County Signage Endorsement. July 20, 2009
Brevard Metropolitan Planning Organization Fiscal Year 1999/00 Project Priorities.pdf
  City of Melbourne Logo
City of Melbourne Signage Endorsement. July 14, 2009
  Wesrt Melbourne Logo
City of West Melbourne Signage Endorsement. July 7, 2009
  Brevard Schoos Logo
Brevard County School Board Signage Endorsement. July 14,2009
Business Organizations
  Melbourne Region Chamber Logo
Melbourne Regional Chamber Of East Central Florida, Inc.
   Resolution in Support of St. Johns Heritage Parkway, Nov. 11, 2009
Home  |  Location  |  Site Plan/Zoning  |  Product/Density  |  Market/Demographics  |  Academia/Industry Collaboration  |  Arts & Culture  | Recreation & Attractions
Research Park
  |  Community Support   | Interchange/Infrastructure | Download Documents  | News Stories | http://emeraldlakes-florida.com/Contact/ContactUs.html |
Recent Photos
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