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Numerous state, local and Federal agencies and governmental units are involved in the planning, regulation and funding for the I-95 Interchange at Emerald Lakes (St Johns Heritage Parkway) and other infrastructure elements. These pages will post the governmental actions being taken to support the funding and construction of the Interchange.

The St. Johns Parkway project has already completed over 9 miles of new roads, primarily north of the proposed interchange, which will ultimately link the northern portions of Brevard County to Emerald City.

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YouTube–New Video Tour of the Proposed Parkway Corridor
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City of Palm Bay Legislative Memorandum, $10,000,000 Fiscal Year 2011 Transportation–HUD     Appropriations, Jan. 10, 2010.pdf

City of Palm Bay Florida Economic & Business Development

426904-3, I-95 Interchange at St Johns Heritage Parkwway/Palm Bay Parkway North of Micco Rd.

FDOT- I-95 at SJHP SE Project Overview & Summary Report, Map & Construction Site Plans

FDOT- I-95 at SJHP SE Project Overview


St. Johns Heritage Parkway Proposed Route at Completion
The St. Johns Heritage Parkway consists of a complete Master Plan of roadways which will link all portions of Brevard County and beyond. Approximately 9 miles of the road network have already been completed and over $51 million of additional funding is committed.

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St Johns Parkway Map

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