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You may have just found your company's new home.

Located just to the south east of the new Interstate 95 and Palm Bay Parkway / St. Johns Heritage Parkway interchange, this 200 acre business park is intended to provide tenants economic and lifestyle benefits not easily found in other locations. The park is part of the "green" Emerald City Development Project which intends to make environmental sustainability
a reality in this area. Its location offers the conveniences of access to major international and domestic airports, container shipping via land and sea and South Florida with its access to
Latin American markets at a much lower cost than locating inside these areas.

The local work force is diverse and multi-talented. Being located in an area surrounded by major aerospace, biotechnology and tourist centers has resulted in a workforce representing many different skills and professions.

You and your staff will enjoy the benefits of reasonably priced housing, no state income tax, living in an environmentally clean area, easy access to the ocean, many higher education institutions and the Orlando Metropolitan Area with its world famous tourist, sports and cultural attractions only a short drive away.

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For more information, please contact us at 305-446-0406 | Emerald City, Palm Bay, FL | I-95 & St. Johns Heritage Parkway